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(509) 453-8275

12 S 3rd Ave Yakima, Washington   98902 , USA

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Products & Services:

  • Auto & Home Supply Stores - Automotive Access
  • Auto & Home Supply Stores - Automotive Parts
  • Automotive Cleaners
  • Automotive Repair Shops - Electrical Services
  • Automotive Supplies & Parts
  • Wholesale
  • Nec
  • Cleaners - Electric Contact
  • Contacts - Electric
  • Electrical Equipment - Automotive
  • Nec
  • Motor Repairing & Rewinding
  • Power Cleaning Services
  • Retail Stores - Telephone Equipment & Systems
  • Stop Watches
  • Vacuum Cleaners ( Central Vacuum Systems )
  • Watches - Stop

Web Site Results

Smith Auto Electric - What We Do - What we do at Smith Auto Electric ! Complete Rebuilding of Starters, Alternators and Generators: We repair all types of automotive... tilt / trim motors. Contact us for all of your DC electrical needs or questions. Rebuilt Starters and Alternators: We have a complete line of rebuilt units ready to go covering... automotive and industrial applications. We carry a complete inventory of units to fit most foreign automobile applications. In addition to this, we stock many of the heavy duty starters...
To Isolate Your Batteries: Many vehicles and other types of equipment have multiple batteries ... one to start the engine, and others to power accessories. To understand the problem... of multi-battery drain , and how a Sure Power Battery Isolator prevents it, think of electricity as water. Electrical current is equal to the flow of water and voltage is equal..." solutions for multi-battery drain is nothing more than an automotive type solenoid, a switch that disconnects batteries one from another. With a solenoid, there's no multi...
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