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(312) 329-9200

20 W Kinzie St Ste 1200, Chicago, Illinois   60610 , USA

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Products & Services:

  • Food Products - Preparations
  • Publishers - Magazines
  • No Printing

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for professionals in retail, food service and food preparation industries. Giftware News is a trade magazine for independent and specialty giftware retailers. It carries news and articles... foods and beverages, recipes and preparation, food handling, and presentation. Chef Ed Today is for professional educators in the food service industry. Topics include specific foods..., food safety, equipment news, teaching techniques, career information. Fancy Food and Culinary Products is a publication for retailers of gourmet foods and related products...
by any other giftware publication. Fancy Food & Culinary Products www.fancyfoodmagazine.com Now in its 30th year of publication, Fancy Food & Culinary Products magazine... and graphics each month with added impact for readers and advertisers. 6 times a year with a combined November/December issue, Fancy Food & Culinary Products magazine reaches... 20,000 qualified gourmet retailers with insightful articles on marketing, new products, upcoming holidays and events that can promote specialty food and housewares sales. In-depth...
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