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, Phoenix, Arizona   85016-4200 , USA

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General Info:

established in 1986, the micon group specializes in utility-based business case development/software vendor-integrator evaluation and selection projects and is a 100% independent and vendor-neutral organization.

Products & Services:

  • Cis Consultants
  • Erp Consultants
  • Cis Consulting
  • Billing Consultants
  • Erp Consulting
  • Crm Consultants
  • Product Evaluation Consultants
  • Product Selection Consultants
  • Quality Assurance Consultants
  • Rfp Preparation Consultants
  • Work Management Consultants
  • Micon

Web Site Results

Ops Asset Management (Work Mgt & GIS) Project Senior Executive and PMO Advisory Support CIS Detailed Product Vendor Gap Analysis and Implementation Planning Consulting Project ERP...) Selection Consulting Project Work Management, Maintenance & Inspection and GIS Strategic RoadMap Development Consulting Project AMI/AMR Feasibility Study Consulting Project ERP...Utility ERP/CIS/MWM/AMI-AMR/MDM Consultants Established in 1986, The Micon Group specializes in Utility-based Business Case Development/Software Vendor-Integrator Evaluation...
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